Friday, August 21, 2009

Well, we are in our last 5 days here in Malawi. Can't believe it is already time to go home. We still don't have a court date for the adoption petition, but our attorney has sent an "urgency" letter to the court and is really trying to get us the court date as soon as possible. Right now, it looks like Jeff will have to stay for 1-2 weeks to finish up everything and bring Linda home.

The building construction is still progressing. Jeff is trying to have all the materials bought before he leaves so that it will be easier to get everything done in a timely manner. The board for Noah's Ark Orphan Care Center has also had meetings with the owner of some land adjacent to the building site. There is a possibility that they may be able to buy the land. If they are able to buy the land, then this will give them room to build a Maize Mill, have a chicken farm, a vegetable garden, etc. The Maize Mill will be able to serve the community there as there is not one nearby. The chicken farm and the garden will be to teach the children and also to help support the Center.

The well in Meteketa is close to being finished. We were hoping to have pictures of final product before we go home, but may have to get them from Pastor Chisale a little later.

Pastor Nancy has taken in more kids now and we have 49 children coming to the Center. There are now 8 (I think) pre-school age children. Pastor Nancy met with the City Assembly and the Assoc. of Pre-Schools and there is training for her to complete to start the Pre-school. She will start that training on Monday and it goes for 13-14 days from 8am-4pm. She is in the process of finding someone to be at the house to supervise the children during those days while she is gone. She will take the training and then will be able to train any other teachers or helpers that she will need to have the pre-school running.

We are missing everyone at home and look forward to seeing everyone, but are not enjoying having to say goodbye to the friends here!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The social welfare agent was out all last week at his home village, so the paperwork was not able to be signed last week. We spoke to the attorney last Friday and she had already talked to him about our case and he had agreed to sign the petition when she brings it to him today. We will call later this afternoon to get an update. Otherwise, just waiting...

Last Thursday, we were able to go out to Meteketa (the other Orphan Care Center here in Malawi right now) and take 57 blankets for the kids there. Not all of the kids were able to be there as they are on holiday from school and some go to their home villages to be with family during the holidays. We were able to hand out over 30 blankets, though, when we went. It is a blessing knowing that these kids will be warm at night now.

Yesterday we went back out to Meteketa and Pastor Chisale took us to 2 other churches in the general area to meet the people there. Jeff spoke in each of the churches and the people we met were all very welcoming. There was a raging fire that came within 50 yards of the first church as we started the service, so that was a little distracting. But, they were able to put the fire out and no one got hurt!! At the 2nd village, after the church service, they fed us our lunch (which was very good) and then we went back to Meteketa to pick up the rice bags we had bought for the Orphan Care Center in Blantyre. We took back 10 bags of rice (for a lot cheaper than what they would have cost in Blantyre), so this was a big blessing. We left 3 bags there in Meteketa (approx. 70 kgs/bag). All of the money for this rice was money that was given by the high school students at Faith High School.

Also, yesterday, we were able to see the company drilling the well in Meteketa. They had started drilling on Saturday and had already hit water before we left Meteketa yesterday. Hopefully, the cement and everything will be completed in the next couple of days on the well.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The director wasn't in the Social Welfare office the last 2 days, so our paperwork is supposed to go to their office today for signatures and then hopefully to the court to get a date. Linda is back in school for now and having fun with her friends.

In the last 2 weeks, we have had 7 more children begin coming to the Orphan Care Center for food, so now there are 45 children. Most of the new children are of the Preschool age. Yesterday we had 2 grandmothers (sisters) come for help. They have 8 children whom they are caring for and all of the parents have died from Aids. The grandmothers carry sand and water one bucket at a time for very little money to try to make enough to feed these kids. We are able to help them with 4 of the children right now. 2 of the other children that have come are also being taken care of by their grandmother.

One of the night watchmen at the Orphan Care center just came 2 nights ago and let us know that his 5 year old child had died from Malaria!

Friday, July 31, 2009

We will be signing the affidavits today along with Pastor Nancy at the attorney's office. From there, the paperwork will go to the social welfare office on Monday, hopefully. Then, it will go to court (if needed).

We were able to get each of the children here in Blantyre blankets and we will be buying blankets for all the children in Metaketa hopefully next week to take to them.

Downpayment on the well in Metaketa has been made, so hopefully that will begin soon. We will go out there and get pictures as the work progresses.

We have set up a Paypal account in case anyone would like to use that to donate towards our adoption. You just go to and put in our email address ( and then follow the instructions.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Linda's mom came into town yesterday and we all met with the attorney yesterday afternoon. Linda's mom agreed to the adoption and signed the consent form yesterday at the meeting. The next step is for some affidavits to be signed by us, and the directors of the orphan care center that Linda has been staying at. Then, all of the paperwork will go to the Social Welfare agency for approval. After that it will go to court (if it will need to go to court at all). The attorney has agreed to do all they can to try to get this completed so that we can all leave on schedule on August 26th.

Jeff will be going today to get estimates on the supplies for the next step in the building project and from there we will see what we can accomplish on the building while we are here.

Also, we have gotten the quotes for the well in Metaketa, so know we will be scheduling the time for this to be done fairly quickly.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well we meet with Linda's mother and she agreed adoption was in Linda's best interest!!!! She should come next Monday to meet with our attorney.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This week has been another busy week so far. On Monday we were able to go to Nchala where another Noah's Ark Orphan Care Center will be started. The church there has already started helping 8 orphan children themselves along with others being helped in their homes. It was a blessing to be there. While we were there, we were served lunch - which was a big sacrifice for them as they have very little in that village. On our way home from Nchala, we were able to go on a game preserve that was free for us. We were excited to see 5 giraffes at one point and at least 2-3 others while we were driving.

Some of the team members have been challenged to adopt children. Some have been challenged to sponsor students for the university. Christopher (the pastor's son) was able to visit colleges yesterday with a team member and they are ready to accept him as soon as he brings in his paperwork from his schooling.

Right now, the rest of the team is a Majete Game Preserve. I am sure they are having a wonderful time and being able to see many animals. This is the same preserve where we went last year.

On Monday evening, we had a good meeting with our attorney. Our attorney now has all of our paperwork and we will be meeting with Linda's guardians as soon as possible. That is our next step.